Ash Flowboards

Handcrafted Flowboards

Ash Flowboards creates elite, handcrafted flowboards for every level of rider.  Every board is made to order in the US and composed of only high quality materials purchased locally.

At Ash Flowboards, integrity, innovation, and honesty is our motto. All pro model boards feature an art collection made specifically for that year, by a local artist Andy Primbs.

Ash flowboards is founded, owned and operated by Scott House. Scott House, raised in Southern California, grew up in board sports. Scott started skateboarding at a very early age and loved nothing more than hanging out with his friends and street skating Huntington Beach, the Inland Empire and the High Desert. Later he took his passion to snowboarding, moving to Big Bear, to live the simple life, riding all winter long. After meeting his wife in California, he moved to Utah, where he started riding at the Ogden Flowrider. It was there that he found yet another board sport to love. Scott saw the need for a company making boards that knew the sport and what the riders wanted and needed in a board. Starting out as a hobby, Ash Flowboards took off throughout the US and across the world.  Currently Ash Flowoards is pushing boundaries and striving to follow the steps of other board companies that have paved the ways such as World Industries Skateboards, and Sims Snowboards.

Over time we hope to continue to grow and progress just as fast as the riders do. View our current board and accessory line up today.