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1. What’s the difference between the two grips you offer, VGT and EVA tops?

VGT (Versa Grip Traction) and EVA are the two types of traction used on top of the flow board. VGT is 1/16” thick and has a diamond pattern texture for traction. VGT can have graphics printed on it and is the most preferred grip by riders in this sport. The EVA is one solid color with a wire or flat brush texture. It’s a ¼” thick so there is more padding under your feet. EVA foam is heavier but indeed is more durable. Both offer great traction for all those crazy tricks that you want to learn. NOTE: VGT and EVA are both ordered by ASH and are only INSTALLED as a service. ASH has no control of the time it takes to receive these products or the way either is made, but we are happy to install which ever you choose.


2. How long will my board take?

The production time is going to vary between every order. All orders are placed in line from which we receive them and built accordingly. Typically a lot of orders come in during the summer months and right before Christmas so the wait time is generally longer during those times. Essentially your board can be first in line, or behind 50 boards. Generally, most orders take about 2-4 weeks. You will receive an email with the tracking number the day your board ships so that you know your deck is on its way. If you placed an order and would like to know how far out it is, please email us.


3. What’s the difference between the boards?

We offer two different types of boards. One type of board is constructed out of Baltic Birch Plywood and the other has a foam and plastic core and is reinforced with E glass and other composite materials. The difference between the two is that a wood board is going to be heavier, but will cost you less compared to one of our composite boards. The wood boards also have a softer feel since they flex more, thus making it more forgiving. The composite boards are lighter, stiffer, more responsive, and durable than the wood boards but also cost more due to the materials it takes to produce them. We offer two different shapes in our wood board line up. The STUB and the SHARP. Both are available in many sizes. The STUB is a very good choice for a beginner. The stubby square shape nose and tail, along with the weight of the wood board makes this board very stable and forgiving in the water. The SHARP is going to feel more responsive. The sharper the nose and tail get, the more responsive it is and is going to be quicker with turns and carves. We also have these shapes along with a couple of others available in our composite boards. All of the ASH boards come with the concave on the top of the board and the coved edge on the bottom of the board. These two features are a must on a board. The concave, just like a skate board or wake skate, locks those feet in, making the board more responsive to carves, tricks… well just about everything. It also will help out tremendously with those hard to do flip tricks. The coved edge is all the way around the bottom of the board. This feature is the most important one you can put on a flow board. This is what grabs the water when you’re on an edge, making your board very responsive to everything you do. It also thins out the rail (side) of the board so the edge cuts through the water with ease. Without this edge, your board will feel loose to turns and carves. This edge also makes it more forgiving from catching your edge in the water. The size of the board will also play a huge role on how stable and responsive a board feels. The smaller the board is, the more responsive and less stable it will feel. The stiffness of the board is going to play a huge roll on how responsive and how much pop the board has when you snap that tail on those ollies. Shape, size, and what a rider likes about a board will be different for each person. The best thing to do when trying to figure out what will work best for you is to try a bunch of different boards paying attention to all the characteristics of it.


4. Can I get my own custom graphic? How much?

Yes, you can have a custom graphic on the bottom of a composite board. Sorry, no custom graphics on the wood boards. You can also have a custom graphic printed on the VGT for the top of the board. There is an extra $50.00 charge for the graphic on the bottom and an extra $60 charge for VGT, given that you are providing the graphic and its ready to print. If you are interested, please email us for more info.


Handcrafted Flowboards

Elite boards hand crafted for every level of riders. Every board is made to order in the US and composed of only high quality materials. At Ash Flowboards, Integrity, Innovation, and Honesty is our motto.

Ash Flowboards is founded, owned and operated by Scott House. Scott House, raised in Southern California, grew up in board sports his whole life. Scott started skateboarding at a very early age and loved nothing more than hanging out with his friends skating every day. Then in his early twenties, he took his passion to snowboarding, moving to big bear, to live the simple life, riding all winter long. Wanting to live where there was more snow, he moved to Ogden, Utah. It was there, he was introduced to flowboarding and found yet another board sport to love. Scott saw the need for a company making boards that had knew the sport and what the riders wanted and needed in a board. Starting out as a hobby, Ash Flowboards took off throughout the US and across the world. Currently Ash Flowboards is pushing boundaries and striving to make a better board. Over time we hope to continue to grow and progress just as fast as the riders do.