The TK pro model is a foam core board and is constructed with the highest quality reinforcements we could find. His shape has a STUB shape nose and more rounded tail giving you the best of both worlds. The rocker sits a little lower in the tail then the nose. This board is very responsive to turns, ollies, flip tricks, well just about everything. If you want to pop your tricks at eye level like TK then this is the board for you.

“ This design was meant to be an all around adaptive shape. Having two very different likings I made the decision to go with a skateboard mockup. With a higher nose and soup bowl like concave, this board brings skateboard attributes to the wave, and helps the newest of beginners to the best of the best pro riders.”     -TK

All Ash Flowboards are built to order. Please allow additional time for production. Note: If you want another shape with this graphic, email us before placing your order and let us know what shape you like. Otherwise this graphic will come with the shape you see here.